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Wheeler's Top Digital Campaigns of 2021

It’s hard to believe but 2022 is here and another year of fast-paced change, new challenges and incredible opportunities lays ahead. In digital advertising especially, it’s a fact that the future never stops coming. New technologies, new restrictions, evolving trends, it’s an understanding risk to think that the past is irrelevant. But a smart business learns from its successes and failures and builds upon those.

So as a guide for the year to come, Wheeler Digital wants to take a look back at some of our high-points in 2021. We have a special love for each and every one of our clients, so this list is nowhere near exhaustive. But we’ve picked out 5 campaigns that we are especially proud of. In each of these cases, the goal was identified, the campaign customized, the audience and targeting defined, and finally, the creative message honed to a T.

Check out these 5 digital campaigns that we feel represent some of the best work we did in 2021. We look forward to creating similar success for you in the new year!

1. Roanoke Area Ministries – Nonprofit need donors. It’s not a new story. But the ongoing pandemic has certainly heightened the stakes. More homeless and at-risk people than ever before in the Roanoke Valley need the help of RAM House and organizations like it. Wheeler Digital worked with the RAM House marketing team to craft a message that made them stand out and told an incredibly important story; no one person that RAM House helps is the same. And on a bad day, it could be you. We are super proud of how this campaign turned out and for the opportunity to partner with such a great organization.

2. Oakey’s Funeral Service - This legacy funeral home has been standing out in the area for years now, not just because of their exceptional service, but also their committed strategy to using cutting-edge digital platforms to reach their audience as well taking the time to present upbeat, out-of-the-box and even funny messaging. Not only is Ragnar the unofficial mascot of Roanoke, but our very own Cameron May was thrilled to be chose as the voice of this fluffy hero. This incredibly feel-good video continues to resonate with its audience all over the Oakey’s service area. Plus, Cameron has started receiving free dog treats in the mail!

3. Emory & Henry College – Many schools all over the country have seen increased hesitancy and a dramatic dip in enrollment as many reevaluate their plans in light of COVID and the ripple effects on the economy. It’s a sad but familiar story, when turbulence comes along, many industries decide to cut their marketing until the storm passes. Lucky for Emory & Henry, they were wise enough to not only stick to the path but to shift and reallocate more ad dollars than ever to digital platforms. As events and school visits were cancelled, OTT, Facebook and other digital strategies took their place. And E&H has reaped the reward, experience record growth over the last two years!

4. Bank of Fincastle/First Bank – A merger is a tricky thing. It can be incredibly beneficial, combining the great services of two beloved companies to give their customers the best of both worlds. But it can also be a great way to alienate and lose existing customers, alienating them and making them feel that the brand and business they loved is now gone forever. Wheeler Digital worked with the Bank of Fincastle and First Bank teams to roll out planned phases of messaging:

a. Video Testimonials showing off the hometown feel, authentic personalities and neighborhood culture of the historic Bank of Fincastle.

b. Announcing the merger with First Bank and beginning to incorporate their branding along with the Bank of Fincastle’s.

c. Finally, once people were aware of the merger, showing a new set of video messages that were primarily under the First Bank brand and showing off their services and personality but with peppered-in messages to welcome Bank of Fincastle’s customers into the family.

With the proper creative and timing, the merger has been smooth and successful!

5. Volvo Trucking – Just like countless other businesses, the Volvo Trucking plant in Dublin, VA needed to hire a huge amount of workers across multiple service lines. And they feel they had tried everything… except for a bold, digital makeover! When everyone is hiring, you can’t just shout, “We’re Hiring” and expect an avalanche of people. We had to supply a ‘why’ for the equation. These longform video testimonials that explore the culture of Volvo and highlight the varied personalities of the fine people who work there were just the thing!

We hope that these 5 campaign examples have been helpful or encouraging. But we believe that every single client and need is different. The creative message and strategy that Wheeler would put to work for your business would look totally different than any of the above examples but still meet the same benchmark of quality and results. We look forward to partnering with you!


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