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GEO Fencing advertising in Roanoke, VA

Going back in time to previous events where we have captured people’s mobile Device ID’s, mapping those to their homes, and showing them ads now!

Wish You'd Been There?

Even if your company wasn't at a certain event, conference or concert, or even if you didn't already have geo-fencing set up to capture people that were there - geo-framing could be the solution for you! How does it work?

  • We go back in time to an event and see if device info has been captured (typically will need more than one event to get enough device IDs)

  • If any ad was served to a person at the event, we can capture the Unique Device ID of that smartphone

  • We store those and map them back to home addresses and serve those people your ads

*Data is not available until approximately 2 weeks after the event and data is stored for 6 months only as device IDs become unreliable.

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