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Facebook & Instagram Ads

At Wheeler Digital, we're thrilled about the incredible power of Facebook as a marketing platform. Imagine tapping into a vibrant community of over 2 billion active users – that's the phenomenal reach Facebook offers! It's not just about the numbers; it's the magic of connecting with exactly the right people. Facebook's advanced targeting lets you zero in on your ideal audience, turning every ad into a magnet for potential conversions.

We're not just using Facebook; we're are hyper targeting your potential users and turning awareness into action.

Facebook and Instagram Marketing in Roanoke, VA

We don’t just do Facebook and Instagram – we offer what we call Facebook Premium.  This means your ads go across:

  • Facebook & Instagram’s News Feed

  • Facebook Audience Network (the #1 native mobile ad exchange in the world)

  • Facebook Messenger App

  • Facebook Instant Articles

  • Facebook Marketplace

  • Facebook & Instagram Stories

By utilizing our Facebook Premium options you get expanded reach of your targeted audience for your ads.

Top Reasons To Use Our Facebook Premium and Instagram Ads Today! 

  • We convert new customers and Retarget those who have yet to buy, across ALL of the Facebook platforms

  • Place ads on Facebook Audience Network the largest mobile ad network in the world

  • Boost your recruitment efforts by using a Job Listing News Feed Ad

  • Use Event Response News Feed Ad to raise awareness for your upcoming event

  • We maximize thousands of demographic and geographic targeting techniques

  • Get24-7 access to your campaign and its performance instantly with our online reporting portal

  • We can match an email or phone database to customers’ Facebook accounts and target just those people with ads

  • Create Facebook look alike targeting that takes your customer database and uses that information to target new users throughout Facebook

  • Measure your success - we can track users through your website to monitor the performance of the campaign and help the campaign to zero in on your optimal target

Did You Know News Feed Ads Can Be:

  • Carousel Ads (up to 10 images)

  • Collection Ads (multiple images and full screen landing page)

  • Event Response Ads

  • Job Listing Ads

  • Branded Content Ads

  • Lead Ads

  • Cross Platform Targeting available from Mobile Conquesting

Get Effective Facebook & Instagram Ad Management in Roanoke, VA & Beyond!

Wheeler Digital is based in Roanoke Virginia and serves businesses all over the United States with comprehensive Facebook & Instagram ad strategies and social marketing campaigns designed to drive new customers and achieve your marketing goals.  Contact us today for help with your business's Facebook or Instagram marketing plan!

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