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Are You Restricted With How To Digitally Market Your Healthcare Business? Let us help.

It's a story we've heard from healthcare clients often; Facebook won't let me run ads pertaining to weight loss. Or our medication/product is the perfect solution for someone living with diabetes (or any health condition) . But did you know that our cutting-edge digital marketing technologies are able to target the audience that needs your product with no category or industry restrctions?

Facebook, Google AdWords and other prominent digital products have restricted many industries from advertising their products. Or they've eliminated the ability to target those ads to an ideal user in any way. But Wheeler has years of experience helping healthcare clients all types and sizes to maximize their digital exposure with cutting-edge digital products, some of which are listed below.


Not only can we help get your message back in front of your ideal customers on the top digital ad platforms, but with our Advanced B2B Targeting, we can even target healthcare professionals in your relevant fields and deliver educational marketing tools to them to better advocate for your services! Whatever your services and whatever restrictions you've encountered in the past with digital marketing, rest assured that Wheeler Digital is here to help!

Popular Digital Ad Technologies for Tourism Include:

How do we do it?  Check this out:

Social Mirroring
Recreates real posts on popular platforms

None of the targeting restrictions of FB

Demographic/Behavioral Targeting
11x Higher Engagement Than AVG

Mobile Conquesting
Geo-Fencing & Geo-Retargeting
Category Targeting
Address Targeting - replace Direct Mail
Runs on Thousands of Sites & Apps

OTT - Over The Top
TV Ads for the Streaming Age
Premium TV Placement ONLY
Demographic/Behavioral Targeting
Non-Skippable Ads

Health Care Marketing in Roanoke, VA

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