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Car Dealer and Automotive Marketing in Roanoke, VA

Is Your Dealership Reaching People on the Digital Edge?

Let us help.

Digital Marketing has long been a crucial factor when it comes to reaching that buyer of a new or used vehicle. But just as not all auto dealers are the same, picking the right digital provider is key to your success. Do you have a thorough, cutting-edge digital strategy that is unique and customized to your dealership, or are you just doing the same things as your competition?


Wheeler doesn't believe in a one-size fits-all approach. We take the time to get to know your dealership and use the cutting-edge digital products, that we think are a unique fit for your business.


Not only can we craft a successful campaign that will bring tangible results, increased sales and service growth to you, but our experienced team can make sure that all of your marketing is co-op compliant. One less thing on your full plate!

Popular Digital Ad Technologies for Auto Dealers Include:

How do we do it?  Check this out:

Amazon Premium
Uses Powerful Amazon Auto Targeting
Including Amazon Vehicles & Garage 
Display, Video & OTT Creatives
Access to Thousands of Sites & Apps

Mobile Conquesting
Geo-Fencing & Geo-Retargeting
Category Targeting
Address Targeting - replace Direct Mail
Runs on Thousands of Sites & Apps

OTT - Over The Top
TV Ads for the Streaming Age
Premium TV Placement ONLY
Demographic/Behavioral Targeting
Non-Skippable Ads

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