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How To Attract New Customers Like Your Past Ones

Everybody needs your services, right? It’s what can make targeting for your digital ad campaigns so challenging! The great thing about digital is how it’s able to drill down and find only the specific audience that you want, but oftentimes our clients look for a behavior as universal as furniture shopping, home-buying, etc. And nailing that audience down can seem next to impossible. Never mind that each store and each market have its own unique quirks. Pricing, selection, style, and countless other factors mean that each store has a footprint that’s pretty special. How do you crack that code?

The answer is in the data that you already have. In order to find the new customers that you truly want, you only have to look at the list of people that have already bought from you.

By identifying and targeting individuals who have similar characteristics and behavior patterns as your existing customers, you can increase the likelihood of attracting new customers who will also be interested in your products or services. One is to run Lookalike Audience campaigns. These campaigns can run on many different platforms and take many different forms, including:

· Facebook

· Amazon OTT / Display

· Social Mirror

· LinkedIn

· Display

· Native

Regardless of which ad type is right for your marketing plan, a lookalike audience works the same way. You provide us with a list of your “sold” clients including Name, Address, Email, and Phone Number (though you don’t need to have all of that information for each previous customer for this to work).

We then determine the geography that you want to market to, and find your new audience. Our technology then finds the top 1% of people within that geography that most closely mimics or matches the audience on the list you provided. This is determined by looking at your current customer’s demographics, online behaviors, interests, purchase histories, and more!

A lookalike audience is an incredibly effective way to narrow down and target an otherwise nuanced audience, and to build on top of the success you’ve already achieved.

Another way to leverage your current customer data is by taking advantage of our Insight Reports. From a database list, we use cookie-less data and match first-party data whether it’s phone numbers, names, emails, physical addresses, domain URLs, mobile device ids, HHIP addresses, or other wifi addresses and compares it to offline data (like census and income data) and location data (mapping people from a business location to a home IP address) to determine who a person is and what their characteristics are.

What is included in this report?

It provides details on location, age, life stage, ethnicity, political party, household income, charitable contributions, home value, discretionary income, net worth, invested assets, genders present in the household, and number of children.

Trends that were formerly hidden inside of your list of customers suddenly are brought into clarity with these incredibly powerful and easy-to-understand reports. Once you see the common traits that your former customers all have, you can harness that data to make sure that the Behavioral and Demographic targeting in your digital campaigns is accurate and on-point!

These are just two powerful ways that you can use the data you already own about customers you already have to double down on that success and find new customers with digital marketing. Regardless of whether one, both or neither of these strategies are right for your business and situation, Wheeler Digital is here to help you with all of your digital marketing needs.

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