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Our Best Digital Campaigns of 2022

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

And just like that, another year is behind us! 2022 was one for the books for Wheeler Digital, and we’re beyond thankful for the opportunity to work with each and every one of our clients and to help them craft the perfect digital marketing campaigns. Maybe the most crucial part of an effective advertising strategy, we believe, is coming up with a powerful message that encapsulates a business’ brand and goals and resonates with that business’ potential customers.

There are so many great creative messages that have come out out of partnerships this year, but these 5 stand out to our team as some of the best!

1. First Sentinel Bank – Read any research data, check out any comprehensive report or ask any financial industry expert and you’ll hear the same cliché: the age of the locally-owned bank is dead. The digital age has killed it, allowing everybody to go to the same big-box banks from anywhere thanks to online and mobile banking. Well, First Sentinel Bank has daringly shown for years now that you DON’T have to compromise. They’ve stayed true to their hometown roots, personal touch and community involvement, all while also providing the latest digital banking services that their customers need. This spot, which our team filmed in preparation for the opening of their branch in Abingdon in the summer of 2022 strikes that perfect balance of showing off First Sentinel’s exciting new services and highlighting their unchanging principles!

2. Get2KnowNoke – Our region is an amazing place to live, work and play. With so much growth, innovation, industry and outdoor adventure, Virginia’s Blue Ridge is becoming a destination for all sorts of people to call home; healthcare workers, bio-technology professionals, craft beer lovers, mountain bikers, and so many more! Wheeler Digital is proud to partner with the Roanoke Regional Partnership to help craft the message about why people should call this incredible place home.

3. Salem Tourism – Similar to the above campaign that’s highlighting our region overall, this powerful social media blitz focused on one deep, passion: Mountain Biking. One of the most gorgeous parts of southwest VA is our scenic mountain ranges. And while most of the Wheeler Digital team enjoys viewing them from a beanbag chair, loads of fanatical mountan-bikers make the trek to our region to ride the range. We have to admit, this campaign almost had us trying to squeeze into those exercise shorts.

4. Bariatric and Metabolic Weight Loss Center – Digital Marketing has gone through a lot of shifts and changes over the last year, but few industries have been as affected as healthcare. Restrictions in targeting and outright rejections of whole industries have crippled many businesses’ abilities to market their products; Especially weight loss. Stony Brook’s Bariatric & Metabolic Weight Loss Center was running into exact challenges. With Facebook/Instagram and many other digital ad platforms shutting them out altogether, they thought their digital ad options were limited to Google. But thanks to Wheeler’s Social Mirror ads, not only were we able to craft an effective social media campaign for them, but we were able to specifically target to the users with the backgrounds and health conditions that make them prime candidates for their services. Fits like a dream!

5. Our Non-Profits: RAM House, Feeding SWVA, VA Cares and Boys & Girls Clubs of SWVA – This one may seem like a copout, but we just didn’t feel right about leaving one of these nonprofits off. One of the things that make our region such a great place to live is the sense of community and mutual responsibility. Wheeler loves that we get to work with each of these charities to highlight the good work they do. Whether it’s food insecurity, housing, child mentorship or offender reentry, our creative team took the time to learn the exact difference that each one of these charities makes in our communities. Then they turned those into effective campaigns that tugged at the heartstrings and helped raise fundraising dollars so these incredible organizations can keep making a difference!

2022 has been an incredible year. It’ll be one to beat. But Wheeler Digital is looking forward to the challenge. Whatever your goals, opportunities or challenges, Wheeler would love to partner with your business to make digital connections turn into real-world results. At the beginning of 2024, we’d love to put your ad up on this list.

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