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Radio As a Good Influence

Even though pretty much every decade's new pop music brings out the concerned PTA board to talk about the potential harm that radio could inflict upon their kids (perhaps inspired by the mayor in Footloose?) we're here to show how radio can be a great influence on your social media ads!

I know what you're thinking; isn't this a little off-topic for a digital advertising blog? I mean sure, the same parent company that owns Wheeler Digital owns several of the top radio stations, but don't those nerds usually do a whole spiel about how it's important that your radio and your digital are separate things? We do indeed! And even though the Wheeler Digital gang rarely dabbles in the world of K92, Star Country or Q99, one incredibly effective area of overlap that we put to use for our clients at time is in the realm of Influencer Ads!

What Are Influencer Ads Anyway?

If we want to get technical for a sec, they're actually called Branded Content ads according to Facebook and Instagram. The concept is simple and really similar to on-air endorsements from radio's past but with a digital twist. These ads look like a joint message from your business' Facebook page and another business or personality. Here's an example of one between Downtown Roanoke, Inc and Q99:

As you can see, the header of the ad identifies it as coming from both Downtown Roanoke and Q99. It, therefore, acts as a sort of endorses message that pairs the power of both brands into one message. And they're incredibly effective! A survey done in 2020 showed that 80% of marketers who had tried Branded Content ads found that they got higher engagement and were more effective than standalone ads they had created.

But Wait, There's More

The best part of doing Influencer ads through Wheeler is getting access to the incredibly unique and powerful on-air personalities of our radio stations. Wheeler Media stands apart from all other area radio stations as being the only ones with full-time, local personalities who generate great, unique content that keeps bringing listeners back all day.

When you listen to K92 or Star Country, you're not just getting great music, you're hearing from an old friend! You're getting access to local news, to real and intimate stories and to hilarious, authentic hijinks as local radio can only provide.

But if the brand of the area's top stations and the charm of their DJs isn't enough, doing a Branded Content campaign through Wheeler Digital also gets you access to our team of digital experts and our top-tier, agency-level access to Facebook and Instagram.

Keep in mind that social media campaigns run through Wheeler get, on average, an 8x higher engagement than a regular Facebook ad campaign or a boosted post. Leveraging these amazing ads is sure to pay off for your business. Don't worry, we're being a good influence right now ; )


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