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10 Things You Can Do to Drive Your Digital Results To the Moon

Updated: May 5, 2022

May the 4th Be With You, and with your marketing strategy! To celebrate Star Wars day, we've created this brief checklist of 10 crucial things to check to make sure you're getting the most out of your digital marketing. So read well, young Padawans, and feel the force supercharge your ad campaign.

1. Am I using the right tools?

Digital advertising is more than just Google AdWords and Facebook ads. Don't just spend your money on the names you see popping up most often. Our digital experts are always happy to be your Master Yoda and help you along the right path, but there are three main factors to consider when determining if you're on the right platform:

- Are you in the right place?

- Is the targeting right?

- Is it the right message?

2. Am I tracking what matters?

Gut instincts can be great, but not for measuring your digital ads. You should KNOW if they're working through accurate, real-time data that you can see and understand. Click-Thru-Rate can be a great metric to track but are you tracking Conversions, View-Thrus or Geo-Conversions? Wheeler Digital can explain how these metrics work and why they are beneficial to your business.

3. Am I fully leveraging video?

The Force is strong with video right now! Thanks to the rise of streaming and connected TV, digital video is now the #1 ad type in the world. Whether through OTT, Social Mirroring, Amazon Premium, Facebook & Instagram, Native Video or a different platform, Wheeler is ready to assist you in all of the different ways that your video content can find the right consumer.

4. Is my reporting deep enough?

If the digital reports you're receiving are only a page or two of large numbers, you need to look harder and reevaluate. Some of the most common and important metrics to look for are as follows:

· Impressions

· Clicks

· Click Through Rate

· Clicks and Impressions Graph

· Device Breakout

· Ad Creative Breakout

· Website/ App Breakout

· Video Completion %

· View Thrus

· Conversions

· Keyword Breakout

At Wheeler, we don't just include the above metrics but we actually meet with you every month to go over every facet of your campaign and make sure you understand what we're doing with your marketing dollars.

5. What's my targeting on Social?

Facebook is still the #1 social platform and a vital place for your business to be. But in 2021 Facebook made targeting updates that upended several industries. These limitations are one of the reasons Wheeler rolled out Social Mirror ads - a way to serve ads using multiple social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, LinkedIn and more, but with NONE of the restrictions commonly found in their targeting.

6. Am I targeting individual households?

If zip code or wider-level targeting for your ad campaigns makes sense, great! But if you're hoping to use digital to reach a specific audience of names or households (think direct mail for the internet) then you're in luck! Technology like Address Targeting allows us to serve your ads just to the list of household addresses that you've given us. Zero waste and super accurate!

7. Are my ads following people across multiple devices?

We aren't just on our smartphone all the time. We're on our laptop or tablet and streaming on TV. If this is the way your users are engaging, then you need to make sure your ads are in all of those places in order to stand out. That's why Wheeler offers Cross-Platform Targeting!

8. Does my website feature Live Chat?

People don’t always shop during your regular business hours. Live Chat goes a long way towards making your site more user friendly 24/7. But remember, it's not the droids you're looking for. AI is great, but if your site's Live Chat is bot-based, the experience is probably very frustrating for your customers who want quality interactions with real people. That's why Wheeler's Live Chat technology uses real people who get to know your business and capture relevant information about these people that's important to you.

9. Are my ads protected from fraud?

An estimated $1 out of every $3 spent on digital advertising is hijacked by bot traffic or other ad scams. That's why Wheeler has partnered with Double Verify, one of the leading technology companies that protects the world's largest brands from ad fraud and ensures ads only show in brand-safe spaces.

10. Where does the targeting data come from?

The best part about digital advertising is the advanced targeting capabilities, so it's really important that that targeting data is the best around. We partner with thousands of third-party data companies to offer our clients the most comprehensive, accurate and specific targeting capabilities!

Your head is probably spinning with all the unanswered that these 10 tips have brought up. You're probably feeling like Luke Skywalker shortly after leaving Tatooine on the Millennium Falcon. And Obi-Wan's words to him are also applicable to you: "Good. You've taken your first step into a larger world."

But don't worry if you're feeling overwhelmed. Much like the Force, the Wheeler Digital team will be with you, always. And the best part, you don't even have to wear your dorky jedi robes to contact us! ... Unless you want to, then it'll be our secret.

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