Welcome to a new year, and a new set of changes to the world's largest social media platform! At Wheeler Digital, we strive to be your marketing partner in every aspect of the process. This includes helping you plan and adapt in the ever-changing digital landscape. Facebook has made major algorithm changes before and they'll do it again. These are the main takeaways for 2018. As with any aspect of digital marketing, one of our digital specialists is ready and excited to discuss these changes with you and come up with a tailored strategy for your business. Reach out to us to take the next step!

Interaction is King

Facebook is attempting to go back to its roots. It was started as a platform to connect people for meaningful conversation. Because of this, content that encourages comments and conversations will be favored by Facebook's algorithms over content that doesn't encourage interaction. Whatever content you're sharing, be sure and invite people to share their opinions and discuss.

Catered Content

For too long, the mindset of a marketing person for Facebook is post quickly and often. Don't misunderstand, regularly posting info on your Facebook page is a great idea, but don't just rapidly post content for the sake of getting it out there. Having content that isn't catered to your audience's interest and that isn't high quality will do more harm than good to your social presence.

Provide Value

This one seems like a no-brainer, but like most extremely important business principles, we all need a refresher sometimes. This doesn't just apply to Facebook, but every aspect of your business. Before you post something, think about the needs and the "pains" of your potential customers. Does the content your posting create value for them? Does it solve a problem or spark a discussion that will educate and improve the condition of the person reading? Making sure your content is relevant and useful won't just mean that content will be shared more, it will also encourage people to check back periodically on your Facebook page and your website for more useful tips. 

Multiple Platforms

Facebook owns the social platform Instagram, an app that's definitely trending with younger audiences and growing quickly. Even if you don't think that the Instagram audience is your audience, Facebook favors content that is being published on both of their platforms. That's why we often combine both social apps in our campaigns.

Use the Power of Video

Studies of online engagement across the board are consistently saying one thing, people are consuming more video now than ever before. And yet, TV viewership is continuing to dwindle away. So what's going on? People are changing the platforms they prefer to consume video on. YouTube actually gets more searches generated a day than Google. And Video gets substantially higher engagement than static, text-based content. Spice up your Facebook posts with video content. That could mean porting over your TV spot into posts, or preferably creating new video content unique to your social page. Remember, create value with your content. DIY and Tutorial videos thrive incredibly on Facebook.

Add Dollars to Ads

Your News Feed may be going through some growing pains right now, and the Organic Reach of your business' posts has just gone from 2% to a big, ol' goose egg. But that's okay, take a deep breath. These changes won't effect in any way the kind of material that you can generate through Facebook Ads. Also, remember that when you buy Facebook ads through Wheeler Digital, that we have full and unique access to thousands of incredible targeting options and ad types. According to Facebook, Power Editor Ads (the kind we offer, btw) will, on average, get 94% higher engagement than a Boosted Post.

We're Here to Help!

Facebook isn't the only thing in the digital world that will be changing this year. As people's behaviors continue to shift, the list of what's possible and what's necessary for your digital marketing success will change at a daunting speed. That's why Wheeler Digital is here to be your partner. We are committed to staying on top of the latest trends and finding a digital strategy that is going to blow your marketing goals away and be the most cost-effective approach. The above points are just the beginning. If you'd like to learn more about how Facebook can help grow your business, contact us today!

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